GGLTRC Subcommittees

The Greater Greenbrier Long-term Recovery Committee is currently operating with the following subcommittees. The public can find a description of the function of each below, and subcommittee members may access their team’s forms, applications and relevant documents via the password-protected “Member Documents” button on the appropriate tab.

Case Management


Martha Sams, Chair

Receives cases and acts on referrals. This committee also provides and marshals professionals to provide counseling to address emotional and spiritual needs of clients. This subcommittee will develop a written set of “criteria of assistance in priority order” to guide the case management process. These criteria or guidelines for supporting assistance determinations will be approved by the executive board and reviewed and amended as necessary at the committee’s annual meeting.

Unmet Needs


Habibi Mamone, Chair

Members of this subcommittee will bring money (cash financial support) and materials (donations, equipment, supplies, furniture, appliances, etc.) to meet the needs of individuals and businesses who have been served by the case management process.

Construction and Volunteer Management

 Sheila Hudson, Chair

Members of this subcommittee will bring services (volunteer labor crews and expertise) to meet the needs of individuals and businesses who have been served by the case management process.



Mary Thompson, Chair

Works to secure grants, donations and other resources for the Greater Greenbrier Long-Term Recovery Committee and coordinates with other entities (e.g., manufactures, supplies, etc.) to secure donations and funding.



Matthew Ford, Chair

This subcommittee will provide mass communications in the Greater Greenbrier Valley, including, but not limited to, social media, mass media and personal relationships.


Al Whitaker, Chair

This subcommittee identifies those services, supplies, training and other support needed to prevent or mitigate future disasters and foster resilient communities.

Economic Recovery

Matthew Ford, Chair

In partnership with local, state, and federal agencies, and the Greater Greenbrier business community, the Subcommittee provides a forum for sharing information, coordinating efforts, and championing economic recovery needs for our local businesses.

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