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Effects of Natural Disasters on Children

Good information from Seneca Health Services on kids dealing with trauma: Important information regarding the effects of natural disasters on children (from the desk of Christine Barnett, MSW, Children’s Therapist) Natural disasters can be traumatic for everyone, especially for children—those whose brains are still developing, who may not completely understand what is going on. Natural disasters can do a number of things—instill fear, create a sense of chaos and even bring communities closer together. Reactions to traumatic events can vary from person to person. Some may experience little to no traumatic symptoms while others may have a hard time coming to terms and accepting what has occurred. Be aware of signs and symptoms a child who has experienced a natural disaster may display: • Fear, worry or anxiousness • Sadness or depression • Anger or aggression, acting out behaviors • Fear of another natural disaster • “Clingy” behaviors • Avoidant behaviors • Hyperactivity • Low self-esteem or worry for the future • Physical symptoms—stomachache, headache, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, nightmares Keep in mind that reactions to traumatic events are normal. Most signs and symptoms will subside over time, especially when a sense of normalcy is reestablished. Age and developmental stage determines how an infant, toddler, child or adolescent may respond to a traumatic event. Everyone is different and will react to natural disasters or traumatic events in...

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Can I eat produce from my garden after a flood?

Some information on food safety from the West Virginia University extension office: Can I eat produce from my garden after a flood? Simply put, the safest answer is no. Discarding all produce that was touched by flood water eliminates any and all risks, and is the only way to ensure you and your family do not become ill from consuming these items. Flood water can be contaminated with a variety of things including sewage, farm run-off, industrial run-off and other pollutants, and you simply don’t know what was in the water. Read the full article...

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