Thank you, Davina Agee and Children’s Home Society of WV. This group is still accepting donations and helping flood victims. Please support the great work they’re doing!

Here’s a brief update from Davina on their efforts so far:

This week we have had the pleasure of delivering 23 household appliances and over $4k dollars in cash and gift certificates to help people rebuild. We have contributed to 20 families, each of those have touched my heart in some way. Everyone was so grateful and humble and I am so thankful to have had this opportunity. However, this was only a drop in the bucket of what needs to happen. The devastation is still so overwhelming. So many families are still living in tents, campers or even storage sheds. We need to help these people get back into a home before cold weather hits and since this is West Virginia, we know that could happen any time.

I’m asking you, if you have not given and you can possibly contribute, please do. Children’s Home Society of WV is still accepting funds to help flood victims. You can mail checks to PO BOX 557 Rupert, Wv 25984.

The thing that I said most today was, “I need more money. I have to help more people.” These stories are so pitiful, homes demolished and families displaced. I need your help to do more! Together we can make ‪#‎WvStrong‬ again!

Thank you to Bill Bell and everyone else who helped make this possible! Thank you to CHS! ❤️ God is not done providing miracles yet!